Services for dogs

We offer a range of services and styles including breed clips, Asian fusion clips and more.

Bath only

Includes brush, wash using hypoallergenic shampoo, blow dry, nail trim, ears clean and flea rinse if required.

Groom & Tidy

Same as the bath only but includes trimming in front of the eyes, feet and bottom. This can be extended to include skirting, pants, ears and tail by request and for an additional cost.

Breed clips

We can clip your dog in their breed specific clip to highlight the features of their breeding.

Fluffy clip

Same as bath but includes a full body clip using the comb attachments. This service costs more than a short clip as it requires more work to prepare the coat for the combs.

Hand strip

Hand stripping is a technique used on coarse coats such as terriers to remove the dying coat (the scruffy bits) by pulling them out. It is not a painful experience for the dog and many choose to lie down or nap during the process. The benefits of hand stripping include improving the health and condition of the skin and coat by promoting new growth.

This can be expensive at first so come in with your dog to discuss options to make it more affordable.

Asian fusion

Asian fusion is a modern style, making your dog look more like a teddy bear. Ask us about this style at your next appointment.


Surcharges apply for matted dogs, highly aggressive dogs, medicated shampoo and poorly maintained dogs. We aim to inform you of any surcharges when you drop off your dog where possible.

Short clip

Same as bath but includes a full body clip. We can leave the head fluffy or take it short according to your preference.

Double-coated strips

For the double-coated breeds such as huskies, retrievers etc., our grooms includes a full undercoat strip (brushing out the loose, dead hair) which promotes healthy skin and coat, prevents matting and reduces shedding in around the home.

Nails only

Only need the nails clipped? No worries. We will do them while you wait. No appointment necessary but we recommend you call ahead to check we are in. Starting from $10

Pricing: Dogs

For dogs, please call us to arrange a quote.

Due to the large range of breeds, sizes, coats types etc. it is difficult to list prices online but we are happy to give an estimate over the phone. Call 03 9574 0433

Book your next appointment when you pick up your dog/cat, and when you keep your appointment you'll get 10% off.

*Appointment must be within 12 weeks to apply.

Loyalty Program

Grab a loyalty card, get a stamp for every visit, and on the 10th stamp get 50% off the price of a full service for one dog/cat.

Cat Grooming currently on hold until 2021

Short-haired groom

Includes bath, dry, de-shed, nail clipping, ear cleaning and flea rinse if necessary

from $70

Long-haired groom

Includes brush, bath, dry, de0shed, nail clipping, ear cleaning and flea rinse if necessary

from $90

Lion clip

Includes brush, bath, dry, short clip leaving mane, legs and tail, de-shed, nail clipping, ear cleaning and flea rinse if necessary


Comb clip

Includes brush, bath, dry, fluffy clip, nail clipping, ear cleaning and flea rinse if necessary


Extra: Soft nail caps

Front only


Extra: Soft nail caps

Back only


Extra: Soft nail caps

Front and back


Nail clipping only

Not getting a groom or clip but want the nails done? No problem. We can just clip the nails. Please make an appointment to avoid long waits


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Extra charges apply for severe matting

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